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Modle  AN60
Description:  Duplex Digital Communication Active Infrared Barrier

Feature Technical Parameter Product Details  
1.Intelligent Judgment:
It applies the multi-beam radial and dual-beam recognition principles,when a thieve enter the guarding area to cover two adjacent infrared beams or more than two infrared beams for more than 40ms,a wired/wireless alarm signal will be given,The defects of false alarm and neglected alarm of the traditional detector can effectively overcome.
2.Object Recognition:
With CPU Intelligent microprocessor control,It gives alarm signal in time when an illegal intruder pass through,when small animals such as cats,dogs,etc pass through it,it will not give the alarm signal.
3.High Reliability:
This product with tamper and anti-interference functions,can effectively prevent the intruder against adopting deceiving and damage approaches and it has very great guarding effect.
4.Rain-proof and Moisture-proof Functions:
With rain-proof structure,it can work indoor,outdoor and humid locations.
5.Beautiful and Reliable Structure
The shell body is made by high quality aluminiun alloy material,firm and endurable.It applys imported spectral filters have very favorable filtering effects on the visible light.
6.Convenient Installation and Commisioning:
After the installation seat is fixed,the transmitting and receiving angle of the infrared IR Barrier both can be adjusted within a range of 180 degrees.can adjust the transmission distance by (L/M/F),convenient and sensitive,The supporting seat with the latest slide design,easy to install.


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