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| All Products  ->  ABT² Series (7 LED)Two beams Detector

Modle  ABT²-20/30/40/60/80/100
Description:  ABT² Series (7 LED)Two beams Detector

Feature Technical Parameter Product Details  

1.LED signal strength indicator

2.All around rubber O ring IP66 waterproof grade

3.Appearance design patent,different from similar products

4.Use thread calibration,more convenient and accurate.

 5.Adopt two aspheric surface lens,optical gathered, powerful,concentric.

6.Adopt unique base design,easy to install.

7.Light resistance reaches 50.00lux, built-in automatic adjustment light filtering system. avoid the influence from strong light or car light.

8.Totally-sealed rainproof, dustproof,etc integration structure design make it work in the bad environment properly.

9.Built-in Optical sight and particular conversion circuit design, easy to adjustment

10.The beams intercept data cycle is adjustable, it can help the beams to be more flexible and with stronger adaptability.

11.The receiver with LED signal indicator.( Calibration more accurate.)

12.Horizontal/vertical Optical angle is easy to adjust and calibrate.

13.Step precision fine-tuning, so that calibration is more accurate

14.Photosensitive redundant reach up to 99%.

15.Lightning prevention circuit design

16.Use C model circuit failure output


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